Here is a list of frequently asked questions concerning the scheduling and ordering of photos for PBO baseball:

When are photos taken?

Scheduling is done mostly by division.  Pony division will be done first followed by Bronco.  Mustang and Pinto will be done later. Coaches will be notified a few days before the team photo will be taken.  

My son was not in the team photo, what can be done?

For most situations we will reschedule team photos.  We ask the coach to take the team photo even though some athletes may not be there just to have photos to review.  In the past we have rescheduled team photos with good success however several re-takes may not be possible.  We do not keep track of teams missing players but ask the parents or coach to notify us if a retake is requested.

My son didn't get any action photos taken what can I do?

Stop by our tent and give us your athletes team, name and number and we will do our best to get you some action photos.

How do I order action photos?

Typically we are located under a tent next to the Pony Field.  We ask you to use our web site to preview photos and write down the 4 digit number in the title of the photo.  This will allow us to quickly recall your photos for your final review.  All orders must be placed at the PBO fields.

When and how are photos delivered?

Photos can be picked up at the PBO fields approximately 2 weeks after ordering.  They will be available at the photo ordering area. In many cases we deliver the photos to the fields are we continue to take photos during the season.  Orders placed later in the season can be picked up at the concession stand during the summer RUMBLE tournament.  Check the PBO website for details of when the RUMBLE tournament is held each year.

I am looking for a particular action photo can I request some more?

We do take requests and ask you to keep us posted as to what you might be looking for.  You can contact any photographer or anyone at our order booth with your request.  You can also e-mail [email protected] with your request. There is no charge for this service.

How much do photos cost.

A complete list of pricing will be available at the PBO fields and at the top of this web site.  We also offer as a premium item a custom 16x20 posters for $55.  You can look at the poster section of our website to view the options available.  We will prepare the poster and e-mail you a proof prior to your purchase.  Our most popular item is a $45 photo cd which includes all the photos on your athlete on a cd for you to print and copy.

How do I get a team photo?

Everyone stopping by our booth will receive a free 8x10 team photo.  Each coach will also receive a free coach/son photo in either an 5x7 or 8x10 size.  The 5x7 size is perfect for a desktop frame.  After the end of the season team photos can be purchased for $5.

How can I contact the photographer?

You can send an e-mail to [email protected].  I will promptly answer your question.